Founded on creativity,craftsmanship and quality,the concept luxury nevertheless hinges on one requisite element:exclusivity. The elegance of opulence.Opulence provides a break from mundane and encourages the quest for what is exceptional and unique.High Luxury is equated with the individualisation of the product and the personalisation of the brand's relationship with the client. The top point of the pyramid of luxury is held by unique,distinctive and tailor-made products.If true luxury is defined as being''exceptional'', ''unique'',individual,''distinctive'', ''personalised''and'' tailor-made'',than bespoke tailoring is its natural zenith.After all,what could be more exclusive than acustom-made look that reflects your personal style and made to your precise measurements?

Karakasli is a creator of haute couture,custom designed tailoring,with a portfolio of high profile customers that includes businessman,statesmen and people from entertaintment industry.He is commonly described as 'governer of style'-one of the few such designers in the world.Karakasli laughingly says he was born dressed and has always been fascinated by clothes and obsessed with quality.Working many years in retail sector in Europa ,he opened his first store in Whites in Vienna,his home for many years.He also spent extended periods in London,Munich,New York and Florence.The store attracted customers from Europian aristocracy as well as American industrialists.

In addition In 1997 Karakasli established FK-Corporate Concepts-designing collections for corporates,for international companies-AirlineCompanies-Hotels-Service Sector-many alike.

He was named best -sur measure desıgner in Greece by Status magazine.Clothiers Moxon-the oldest deerest fabric manufacturer in the world-offer his tailoring and services worldwide.

Karakasli beleives that the foundation of his success is the fact that he has developed his own ''ecole''; the FK collection has six essential attributes-cultural heritage,quality,contemporiness(which is rare in custom-tailorin),great quality price/ratio,individualisation.

While Karakasli enjoys trends-either following or creating-as a reflection of a certain era-he says that he wants ''to go beyond fashion'',to stay one step ahead at all times.

The fk look is slim with narrow arms,and Karakasli's signature is more in inner life of his makes-that privileges the customer without ostentious external branding.

Elle magazine described Ferruh Karakasli as a 'magician of the body'and Karakasli says that his main aim is to bring out the best in his customers' figures,lementing the fact that most people never have the chance to wear a beautifully tailored garment that makes the best of their potential.Karakasli jokes that his clothes are guaranteed to''up to the pool'';he once had a customer whose new girl friend-having only seen him looking clapper in FK suits,was unpleasently surprised when she first saw him in a bathing suit.